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A Review of LifeLock -- Part of the Solution, or the Problem?

by Jed Jensen

Are you secure? Do you worry about your security? What do you worry about most? Terrorists? Armed burglars? Your number one security concern should be identity theft.
This is the reason:

There are people all over the world working outside of the official economy. These are not team players. They are free riding parasites, sucking their living out of honest folks. Now some of these people are driven to do what they do out of desperation, but that's not our concern here.  Have you ever been a victim of identity theft? Has a friend been a victim? Then you know how difficult it can be to defend yourself against creditors, bill collectors, and lawyers, even though you didn't do anything they are accusing you of. It can ruin your life. It can lead you to large debts. It can force you to declare bankruptcy.
Now, there's a saying in the old country: scams beget scams.
There are many identity protection services arising every day. Lifelock is one. And there are others.
Do these services actually do anything for you? We'll talk mostly about Lifelock here. It's the biggest one. Does it really help?
Are they just playing a numbers game? Getting a million people to pay a monthly fee just to pay out a little bit here and there, and banking the rest?
My skepticism was shown to be misleading in this case. Lifelock actually does a lot for you. Here's a rundown of some of the highlights:

First, they ask the credit bureaus to run a fraud check on your account. This makes sure no one has already been abusing your identiy. And they do this every 90 days.
Second, every year LifeLock makes sure you get a complete credit report.
Third, Lifelock guarantees any losses up to a million dollars.
Fourth, Lifelock removes one of the hackers' top tricks by getting your name off of the lists of credit card companies sending you pre-approved offers.
Fifth, they keep a large budget of lawyers on hand to help you with any identity-related trouble you encounter.

In the end I find myself recommending Lifelock and other identity protection systems. They should help you rest easy knowing that they will prevent much identity theft, and be there for you in case something does happen. I can conclude that Lifelock, and most of the other providors, are a part of the solution, and not just another part of the problem.

Jed Jensen has provided this ( Lifelock review. Jed is quickly becoming one of America's top security experts.

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