Senin, 12 September 2011

Stop Focusing On Yourself - Stop Self Conscious Habits!

by Daniel Ruiz

I have received repetitive emails from clients who tell me that they feel ‘self conscious’ and lack confidence to speak up when they want to be heard in social situations.  Let me show you how to solve this issue.  Self conscious thoughts and behaviours tend to keep us focused on ourselves. There is nothing to fear when you are making conversation… You can overcome your self conscious thoughts by directing your attention outwards, instead of inwards.   To change 'self conscious’ thoughts, you need to start saying things past your hesitations, and also speak when you have the desire to speak up! In other words; Moving past fear... and moving with stronger intention!   Have you ever needed to speak up to someone but your fears kept you mobilized and the words just couldn't come out?  This is the fear of saying something.  On the opposite side, have you ever felt a sudden feeling of power and confidence to say something but you didn't follow through with your enthusiasm?

This is your natural intention to speak out and acting on it. To overcome your fears of speaking then, if you ever catch yourself becoming self conscious, interrupt it by immediately saying what you want to say as soon as you possibly can - to move past your fears.

This will help you move past fear and practice saying things, 'despite' self conscious thoughts to the point where you start to speak out more easily.   You also need to practice speaking your positive intentions; As soon as you have the urge to say something positive, say it as soon as you possibly can in the desired situation at hand. This will allow you to reaffirm your intentions to speak up - whenever you have anything good to say.

In the end, to become less self conscious and more outspoken requires learning these two important skills...
Speaking despite your hesitations if they come up, and also speaking with your positive intentions to say the things you want to say, at the time you want to say it.  By doing these you will start to grow in your communication to get your messages across congruently.  It's all about doing what is necessary to build a better habit of speaking up when you are having conversation with others. You will start to grow in charisma, your attention will be taken away from yourself and onto the people around you.   Speak Up!

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