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How to Maintain Self Motivation

How to Maintain Self Motivation
by Elliott Roberts

The tool of self motivation is as important to use as it is difficult to maintain. The problem is the amount of negativity ready to thwart your efforts at every turn. This results in low self esteem and lack of creativity. Negative comments, solicited or not, can discourage you from pursuing your idea. Don't give up yet. The self motivated person knows how turn all that negativity around and become more successful. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Embrace your strengths and weaknesses and work around them. Focusing on them creates negative energy which defeats your plan. Knowing your self concept allows you to choose tasks and methods that showcase your skills and motivation. As you achieve these tasks, enjoy the moment of accomplishment and you will be encouraged to go further.

Track your achievements. Put your goals on paper. Now cross them off when you are finished and congratulate yourself for a job well done every single time. If you do not realize what you are accomplishing, you will get in a rut and face each day with dread rather than excitement.

Dissect those great big tasks and turn them into smaller more manageable ones. It will eliminate a lot of stress and promote quicker starts as well as quicker completion.

If you are surrounded by people who detract from your life and dampen your success, pull away from them. If you cannot cut ties completely, it is essential to keep them at a distance until appropriate times when they cannot be harmful.

Avoid tension and anger. They slow you down and accomplish nothing. If something goes wrong, take your lumps and move on.

You are a priority. Treat yourself as such. Your mind and body will perform to their maximum potential only if you feed and recharge them. Skipping lunch or a stretch break will make only make you think you got further ahead on your project. The reality is you would have had more energy and focus to accomplish more if you had taken the break.

Although difficult to keep yourself motivated, it is also easier because it depends on only you. So turn the negativity around, stay on track, reward yourself, and get ready to achieve your dreams.

The Author, Elliott Roberts, writes for Becomng, a ( Personal Development blog that covers issues from software to meditation. Find additional ( Self-Motivation articles here.


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